An Edutwitter Spat

An EduTwitter Spat

By Jodie Lopez @jodieworld


Oh look an edutwitter spat!

I don’t believe it, and fancy that!


It seems the birds are all a flutter

“Grumble, head shake, mutter mutter”


Who disagrees today you ask?

Has someone set another group task?


Did someone mention the early years?

Or SATs and assessment;  GCSE fears?


I wonder how this spat will go?

Let’s assume from what we know…


Person A will mention something

Almost in passing, a general wondering


Person B becomes incensed

Person C sits on the fence


Person D then writes a blog,

Person E comments, all agog


Person F gets all their friends

To retweet so this never ends


Persons G through M aren’t fussed,

But wade in anyway, feeling they must


They follow Person D you see,

And want some work from Person B


Person N and Person O

Jump on the bandwagon and off we go!


Persons P, Q, R and S

Delete their likes as they get stressed


They only liked the tweet from A

“It seemed quite reasonable,” so they say


Me? I’m off to find my bed

I cannot deal with T through Z


This edutwitter lark’s quite baffling

I always thought we were all just waffling


But apparently this changes everything

The 280 characters I bring


Not sure if I’m trad, but I sometimes agree

But then there are progs, I’d let them be


I think we all mostly agree in person

But online intention seems to worsen


Even the most reasonable folk

Turn into ogres, trolls and a joke


We need to move the discourse back

To conversations –  without hijack


Just people saying things out loud

Whether shy, or big, or proud


The rest we should read with a pinch of salt

Remembering a human is the one at fault


And we are all human, none infallible

No matter how weak we seem, or gullible


In all the years on twitter I’ve seen,

No minds have changed through being mean


So smile, and ask to meet for a drink

And find out, kindly, what others think


Don’t dismiss them out of hand

Twitter is one big, borderless land


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