The ultimate tool to transform learning

Wanna know what the ultimate tool to transform learning is?

It’s you. That’s right, you. YOU! Right there.

That’s it.

You can transform learning in your classroom/home/university lectures/your own head WHENEVER AND HOWEVER YOU WANT.

You can change it daily. You can change it hourly. You can change it mid lesson. However you want.

Just think back. How did you like learning at school? What are you passionate about? What got you passionate about teaching in the first place? Then do it. Try it.

If you even clicked on this blog title you are already looking further than you need to. And if you have read this far you really need to turn off the computer and just think about what you love to do.

Your passion alone can transform. No technology. No special schemes. No bought-in experts. Only you.

You can pick up tips, sure. You can use technology to do something different, yes.

But the only thing that will ever TRULY TRULY and DEEPLY transform learning…is you.

So do it. And be proud.

And if you got this far then you don’t believe me or you think this is a load of sensation and I will make an exciting, insightful, academic-related, quote-based and hit-the-nail-on-the-head point in a minute.

Well I won’t

The End.

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