Tsunami blog from Year 6

This week I worked with the Year 6 blog group on a blog about the Japanese Tsunami. Their Unit of Inquiry is tourism so we found facts via Google about the Tsunami that they thought would affect tourism in Japan.

Their blog is here


It is a group blog – some sections are facts copied from websites and wikis but the rest is written by the boys from their perspective while trying to conjure up as much empathy as a Year 6 child with no experience of these situations can. I am so proud of them for the different ways they approached it. They worked in pairs but each pair had a different take on the task which made it very rewarding.

At the end of the session they each wordled (wordle.net) their blog before editing and emailing to me. They tried to change words which came up often to give a more varied writing style. In some cases though the words given are the only available.

Today I wordled the whole blog – and the result has really touched me. Here it is

Year 6 Tsunami Blog wordled

I hope you find it as special as I do. I don’t think any further explanation is required!

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