Paris and Podcasting

Well it’s been a very tiring week. I accompanied a school trip to Paris. 20 children from Years 5 and 6 Monday to Friday. We were linking with a school in Paris as part of a film making project and the trip was part funded by the British Council.

The children got the opportunity to go with the French children to a professional recording studio to record the songs for the soundtrack of the film – which will be filmed in London when the Paris children visit us in June.

To listen to the songs click here

So we set off at 6.30am on Monday and we visited all the major sites. The children were desperate to visit the Eiffel Tower of course and we got a chance to go up to the top which I am sure they will remember forever.

We then stayed and watched the lights come on and they got very excited!

Throughout the week I asked Roshaan, my roving reporter, to create some podcasts using the Digital Voice Recorder so that we would remember what we did each day.

The podcasts are not ready to upload yet but I did start listening through to them last night and found an absolute gem.

On the first day we were sat at St. Pancras International waiting for the Eurostar. I asked Roshaan to interview some children to find out what they were looking forward to about going to Paris.I listened back to this conversation:

Roshaan: I am now interviewing Jack. Jack what do you want to do in the future?

Jack: Have a flying car

Roshaan: Oh, I meant this week in Paris

I love this conversation for two reasons. First of all for Roshaan asking about the future meaning this week but Jack straight away thinking about the long term future.

Secondly I love Jack’s answer. Not only did he not give a career answer (“be a doctor” etc) but his answer is soooo fast that it is clear he has thought carefully about this before!

Later this week I will upload the videos from the week to our school YouTube channel and add the rest of the podcasts and also the children will be making a video about their week in Paris for you all to enjoy!

I will also be adding more teacher resources I promise!

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    Quality publish, I truly await posts by you.

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    Major lover of this page, a handful of your blogposts have seriously helped me out. Awaiting posts!

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