It’s all data data data

This week I have been mostly analysing data. It has something to do with a very special phone call. I won’t say who called. They may wish to remain anonymous for a couple more days – we shall see…

Anyway I have been looking through the photos, videos and podcasts from the Paris groups and am feeling nostalgic – last week was such a simpler time!

With the blog group this week we put all their previous posts – both those online and those still on my email – through and identify the words they used the most. They then used this to analyse their own vocabulary uses. Then they edited their previous posts and resent them to me with adaptations – for example where they used the same word a lot they have tried to use more variety. Where they had no higher level vocabulary they have tried to add a few more WOW words.

Due to my own data analysis we need to carry on with this tomorrow.

We will also be having a blog group focussing on how the Japanese Tsunami may affect the Tourism Industry in Japan – as their Unit of Inquiry is focussing on World Trade.

I know this may seem like a heartless way to look at the Tsunami but actually I hope it may bring a very real human element to this disaster for them and not just focus on the many horrific deaths and injuries.

Our thoughts will be with all involved in the Japanese disaster, their families and the rescue workers searching for and saving lives.

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  1. Cecelia says:

    I truly knew about the majority of this, but having said that, I still thought it turned out useful. Very good work!

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