Christmas is officially over

Well I am still technically on Christmas holiday. I am down in the South of France – Alps and snow not sun and boats – with my fiance’s family. I can say fiance as he proposed on Christmas Eve. Sounds more exciting than boyfriend now!

So as well as launching the GiL website, getting ready for BETT2011 and general school work I now have a wedding to plan! It’s a good job I never need too much sleep isn’t it?!

Yesterday I ordered a huge batch of new business cards ready for BETT2011 and today I am working on my presentation.

I was going to also continue my story. So this is chapter 2 of “The Road to BETT2011″ as it shall be known!

Having set up Getting Into Literacy at school I worked on ensuring ICT was embedded across the curriculum at school. I rewrote the scheme of work to create a curriculum for ICT which enables the teachers to add ICT in where it fits and to add other subjects into ICT where THEY fit. All they have to do is tick off key skills and objectives taught as and when they are completed – there is no imposed order.

This year I am rewriting that curriculum as the implementation has gone so well in the past year that the students’ capabilities are starting to outstrip the requirements. So I have the National Curriculum document next to me as I type and I am working on my new documents to be revealed at a staff meeting in February.

The literacy projects hosted on show just how well teachers are able to use ICT as a “way-in” for children. For example, Year 5 and Year 4 have both made adverts for their persuasive writing units – but in 2 very different ways.

Year 5 have produced podcasts to advertise events on the school radio station. Adverts range from advertising the summer fayre to Saturday school to the International Baccalaureate programme. They used Audacity and some pre-chosen music beds to create multi-layered tracks which have been uploaded to our podcast site and then embedded as an RSS feed onto the school’s Learning Platform, Fronter and onto Year 5 have also been studying Trade this term and this year’s and last year’s intake have created adverts for their own enterprise ventures including ice cream sales, a car wash and a tuck shop. They have been so enthused by the project that the amount of work they bring in from home has exceeded all known records!

Year 4 have been studying the Environment and how to save energy. They decided to make adverts to upload to YouTube to encourage people to save energy around the house. They found images on Google images and then used the sound recorder function on the netbooks to record their pre-written scripts. They then used Windows Movie Maker to add the sound and pictures together to create short film adverts which were then uploaded to our YouTube channel.

For more information about our use of video in the classroom please check out my TES article

Well I had better get back to my BETT2011 preperation. The journey continues!

Happy holidays everyone! x

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  1. The Tourist says:

    Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts

  2. Jodie Collins says:

    Thank you so much I am glad you like it – after a break I am back for more blogging!

  3. Jodie Collins says:

    Thank you – after a break I am back for more regular posts!

  4. I think you have a great page here… today was my first time coming here.. I just happened to find it doing a google search. anyway, good post.. I’ll be bookmarking this page for sure.

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